Super Nani Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Super Nani Movie Review: Not a film worth Rekha’s persona

When mesmerizing beauty Rekha is on screen, you will somehow expect so much from the Legendary actress, but with Super-Nani the high expectations are flushed down the gutter, the moment the film starts. Super Nani is the tale of every ‘Bharti’ya naari, shackled by the bondage of being a woman, humiliated and unacknowledged every second by own loved ones for her undying efforts and yet she endures all the pain and insult with a smile. Sounds like a clichéd portrayal of women on screen? Well it is.

With Super Nani the plot falls weak from the moment go. Though the spirit of the film is in all good sense, but somehow the projection doesn’t do justice to the idea. Our mothers give their heart and soul to their family, and in return expect a simple gesture of love and respect. But some Indian women endure the humiliation too without uttering a word against what they feel is wrong. To them the Man is always right, and still here in India you will find millions of such ladies who will never dare to raise a voice against their man. But when limits are crossed, and they do take a stand, they can change things in their favor.


An amazing actor like Rekha in a weak-knit-falling-apart script is an insult to the legendary actress. She has delivered such fine and breath-taking performances in her career that a film like this is just not right for her. Whatever was given to her, she performed really well, but when a script is flawed, even Rekha ji couldn’t do much to save the film. I have given half a star extra, just for Rekha ji and her many avatars shown in the film.

Sharman Joshi as the NRI is another clichéd portrayal of NRIs. With faltering Hindi, atleast this man seemed Indian at heart. He delivers a decent performance too. But a lot more was expected.

Randhir Kapoor in the shoes of an egotistical man who doesn’t respect his wife and is keeping up with the trends is such a fine depiction of Indian men and their chauvinistic tendencies. This is how men were and are in our country at large. Randhir ji too does a job well.

But having said all of it, there are others who are just acting too loud. With some serious loud and unnerving acting skills on screen, I knew I would have to walk out of the hall with a severe-aggravated headache and earache too. A veteran like Anupam Kher even couldn’t save this film.


On the directorial front, Indra Kumar has disappointed big time. He has the caliber to do so much better. His body of work reflects that he is a great director, but with family drama like this where things are overdramatized, it is saddening to see talent go wasted.

Had this film been made in the 90s, the audiences would have received it with open arms. Super Nani is not something you haven’t seen before. The story finds way not only in highly dramatic households, but even in TV sets while a daily soap is on. It had nothing new to offer.

On the music front too, nothing will impress you much. The tracks are just added candy to the brick-cake.

Watch or not:

I don’t know how to sugarcoat things. In bare and harsh words Super Nani is a headache that doesn’t leave you till your brain pops out or you fall asleep. Oh! You can’t fall asleep due to some seriously annoying and screaming people on screen. It is unnerving.

But maybe the film will find audiences in all the ladies who are victims of disrespect in their households. To them it becomes a watchable affair. And to the men who disrespect them.

But for others, If you want to watch, watch it at your own risk. If you don’t, it is totally understandable.

Thumbs Up: Rekha

Thumbs Down: Overdramatizing, loud acting, overacting, clichéd storyline,

Yawns: You might not be able to keep up with the count.

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