Super hit talk on Vikram’s Manoharudu teaser

Vikram starrer film “I” is coming up in Tollywood as “Manoharudu”. This flick will have Vikram in 4 different shades. It is known that Vikram almost doubled and halved his weight for the sake of this venture. At one instance, he looked like a hunk and in the other instance he looked lean and thin. He regularly posted his pics in social media sites which raised the levels of suspense on the flick.


Recently, film makers of “I” showed the teaser of this flick to press people in Chennai. This teaser looked absolutely shocking as no one was able to recognize Vikram in that teaser. He appeared as a romantic youngster, body builder, demon like person and a unglamorous person. All the four roles are quite challenging. Romantic youngster has Amy Jackson on his counter part which means that there is a beautiful love story for Vikram in this avatar.

Body builder looked quite heavy and we may expect some action episodes. Demon like person is having hairy body and horns. We can relate this to the role of Aparichithudu while the unglamorous person with disfigured limbs is a challenging sentimental role. Hence, in short, film maker showed all the variations and the emotions in the flick!

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