Sunny, Tovino injured during Koothara shoot!

Reportedly, actors Sunny Wayne and Tovino Thomas have both suffered injuries while shooting the climax of the much anticipated movie Koothara!


The flick, which has gained attention for Mohanlal’s unique extended cameo with a very distinct look and Malabari slang heard in its teaser trailer, was shot mainly in Lakshadweep though the climax scenes in question were filmed near the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

The incidents happened on the seas where the crew including Mohanlal where in the process of filming the ending and Sunny cut his leg on a mussel. The cut was deep but the young actor behaved professionally and giving priority to the shoot, proceeded to just bandage it up and continue working. Later, however, to everyone’s shock the cut became infected and he had to be rushed to Kochi for treatment, where the youngster recovered.


Tovino had worse luck as his cause of ailment proved to be sunburn which struck him after hours of shooting in the blistering heat of the open waters. He, according to sources, is still in recovery.

Surprisingly though, both actors have taken the incidents in stride and say they’re just relieved they were able to complete their parts well and were also thrilled to get the opportunity to share screen space with the one and only Mohanlal. Good form guys!

The film also stars Bharath, Janani Iyer and Gauthami Nair.

Koothara is being directed by Srinath Rajendran and was scripted by Vini Vishwa Lal.

Watch the teaser:

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