Sunny Reveals Cyberbullying Incidents

Many times, the female actors become the target for the trolls on the social media and only a few of them openly talk about it. The actress Sunny Leone has raised her voice on the same now. She has shared her first instances of a bully where she told that someone has threatened her telling that they would come to her house and cause harm to her. The actress was apparently frightened, as her husband was not living with her that time. She said that she heard several noises outside her house during that time and revealed that she used to carry a knife in hand.

Sunny Leone New Pic
Sunny Leone New Pic

Apparently, a person, one time tried to threaten her by barging her door and she was shocked with the same and immediately came up with the setting of CCTV cameras at her house. The actress is now collaborating with the NGO Akancha Against Harassment on the issue of cyberbullying.

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