Sunny Leone’s Pics Goes Viral

Sunny Leone, the name itself gives a string of vibrations among youth.

The hot lady, who never inhibits from oozing glamor on the silver screen, has redefined boldness and hotness in her new photoshoot for the calendar of a condom company. Noted photographer Daboo Ratnani has got the opportunity to contain the alluring assets of Sunny in his camera.

Sunny Leone Axe Pic Goes Viral
Sunny Leone Axe Pic Goes Viral

The pics from this photoshoot are now going viral on social media. In one of the pics, Sunny was seen holding an axe with her two hands, placing it on her neck and giving the best possible sexy posture. The black bikini and the scenic beach view just enhance the sexy mood. This is just one pic, and one has to see all the pics from this calendar photoshoot to find out how hot Sunny is getting with age.

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