Sunny Leone’s lungi dance got huge response

Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone came up with “Lungi” dance for the recent Manchu Manoj’s “Current Teega” flick. This topic turned hot in entire India. Compared to South India, Sunny Leone is a familiar face to North Indians, as she did couple of flicks in that arena. In this scenario, the lungi dance pic got circulated all over India.

Sunny Leone Lungi Dance in Current Teega

Polling too was conducted comparing the lungi dance pics of Deepika Padukone and Sunny Leone. It seems that Sunny Leone got 55% of the votes while Deepika lost the battle with 45% votes. This dance item is going to turn into a top one in Tollywood in near future.

People are now eagerly waiting to see Sunny Leone’s lungi dance in “Current Teega”. Sunny’s episode is expected to be a highlight in this venture and her lungi dance will be the top highlight in Tollywood.

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