Sunny Leone & Uday Chopra Indulge in Planking challenge

Bollywood actor Uday Chopra has challenged actress Sunny Leone for planking exercise and the sultry siren accepted the daring challenge.

Sunny Leone Challenge to Uday Chopra
Sunny Leone Challenge to Uday Chopra

The duo started off with an interesting discussion on twitter about their exercises. Then, Uday challenged Sunny Leone with an image of himself doing a planking exercise at the gym. Later Sunny tried the exercise in the presence of her trainer and tweeted, “Hardest plank I do with prashant six pack for 1min, form is important, don’t hurt yourself!” Prashant responded to her tweet and wrote: “Sunny Leone you have got two more extra points for this plank. Thanks for support.”

After seeing Sunny’spics, Uday expressed his admiration towards her and later posed the challenge by tweeting, “Sunny Leone, Prashant six pack dayum! I thought I did tough planks but that’s another level. Pure core strength! On that note…I’m going to go to the gym now. We can have a plank competition at some point. Sunny Leone, Prashant six pack challenge accepted! I went a step higher (literally) your turn #PlankOff,” he posted.

Sunny responded, “Haha a plank off? Not sure I would survive but I have a feeling prashant six pack would be game to time it.”

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