Sunny Leone got a new boyfriend in Tollywood

Burning star Sampoornesh Babu is a sensation in Tollywood. There is a leakage from the “Current Teega” film. As per this leakage, Sampoornesh Babu is stated to be seen as the boy friend of Sunny Leone in this flick. It seems that this hot beauty will act in the role of a teacher.

Sunny Leone and Sampoornesh Babu

Few sources revealed that Rakul Preet will be the girl friend for Manchu Manoj while Sunny Leone will be the girl friend for Sampu. Burning star will have a small role in this venture but his role is expected to create sensation in the theatres. His comedy with Sunny Leone is expected to make audience roll on floor laughing.

Apart from this, Sunny Leone will be having an item song in this flick with Manchu Manoj. “How the sequences of Sunny Leone moves from Sampu to Manoj?” is to be seen on the big screen. Stay tuned for “Current Teega” release.

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