Sunny Leone disappointed with Ice Bucket Challenge!


Ice Bucket Challenge turned out to be the most popular one in western countries. Now, it has touched India and majority of the celebrities came on with the videos of Ice Bucket Challenge. The latest in the list is Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone.

When fans saw the name Sunny Leone for Ice Bucket Challenge, majority of them went back 5 – 6 years back in Sunny’s career. Unfortunately, this ‘A’ rated heroine disappointed audience with ‘U’ rated Ice Bucket Challenge video. Just like all other celebrities, this lady too went for normal Ice Bucket Challenge video rather than going for it in her own style.

Sunny Leone decided to remove that Porn Star tag soon after entering India. As a part of this action, she reduced the dosage of glamour on the big screen. Even in her private album song videos, she is not coming up with high quotient glamour. Now, few Bollywood fans of Sunny are appreciating her commitment towards her intention while her western fans felt disappointed seeing her Ice Bucket Challenge video.

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