Sunny Leone charges Rs 35 lacs for one song!

It sure looks like the ex pornstar turned actress knows how to play the game because if the rumors are true, Sunny Leone recently charged Rs 35 lacs to do a single ‘item’ song in Tamil! Whoa! Talk about making the hay while the sun shines…


It seems the sizzling sensation’s hot song in the Jai starrer Vadacurry has raked in a huge amount of publicity for the movie and the industry gurus did not neglect this. So it came to be that Sunny was approached for yet another song in an upcoming Tamil flick titled Oru Oorla Rendu Raaja.

But this time, the actress knew her potential worth and demanded the huge payday for a few days of shooting the song – a bold move indeed and well worth it apparently, because the producer gave in!

Sunny’s paycheque for Vadacurry too was pretty high by industry standards, though it was nowhere near this sum and was mostly kept under wraps (rumored to be around Rs 25 lacs).

Even Vishakha Singh’s hot number in Anjaan did not get her in Sunny’s league, now said to be the highest in recent years in sheer monetary value.

Anyway, the song is reported to be a highway song and will be choreographed by Brinda. Sunny will appear alongside Parotta Soori in the obviously high production value video.

Whatever you may think about her, you have to respect the young diva’s business skills and marketing strategy…

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