Sunny Leone – The actress who is set to rule India again!

Sunny Leone Hot in EPL

Sunny Leone’s entry into the film industry of India is a stunning act. No one expect her to come back to India and she created huge buzz in the media with her glamorous performances. With the very first flick, Sunny Leone got craze in the industry.

Her remuneration levels touched the peaks and she got offers from all over India. Other actresses, who were known for glamour, took the aspect quite seriously and they tried to compete with Sunny Leone in “A” rated domain. But, Sunny’s craze didn’t see a negative slope.

Now, she is set to come up with “Ek Paheli Leela” and this venture has got great attention in the web space. Now, South Indian distributors are rushing after the film makers to bag the rights. Sunny is set to rule India again with her glamour in “Ek Paheli Leela”.

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