Sunny Leone accused of stripping

Tackling the trending fake pictures online, Sunny Leone took to Twitter to put an end to the rumours circulating that once adult film star turned Bollywood actress recently stripped for a diamond merchant trader in Mumbai. Leone was upset, distraught and taken aback at these vulgar accusations. The pictures show Leone actually stripping.


“April 18 was shooting @TinaNLolo and night was at @Mayyurgirotra store launch, please do some fact checking before printing lies” she tweeted.

Surprisingly, some of the Indians replied in favour of the actress, saying that the pictures are all fake. The pictures that show Sunny Leone strip dancing at a provate party look debatable as photo shop expertise is very much in vogue these days.

Sunny, who is currently basking under the success of Ragini MMS 2 feels targeted with these vicious attempts looking solely at her past. Leone is no longer a porn star and has grown multifold on screen to prove herself with talent. Unfortunately, the stereotyped tagging still rules the roost here.

The actress also moulded herself to Indian standards and has cut down on heavy duty exposing that is not required if one wants to do meaningful roles. Her interaction on the National television with Indian peers shows that Sunny Leone has what it takes to cut the crap and deliver what is sensible. The hot actress is now loaded with offers but taking it easy for a while.

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