Sunitha Responds to Udayabhanu’s Allegations

Singer Sunitha has now responded to the demeaning statements earlier made by Anchor Udayabhanu.

A few days ago, speaking to a media house, Udayabhanu alleged that a top singer had severely humiliated her during a US tour. ‘I used to treat this singer very well, but she neglected me calling on to the stage in that tour. Her orchestra played sad songs while I was stepping onto the stage, in their bid to humiliate me,’ Udayabhanu stated.

Sunitha and Udayabhanu
Sunitha and Udayabhanu

Responding to this, Sunitha stated a different version. “My program was happening in the US. Udayabhanu was invited by the organizers, so I didn’t have to call her on stage. I don’t even remember if my orchestra had insulted her by playing sad music when she was invited on stage” Sunitha stated.

She added that although she tried to comfort Udayabhanu if she got hurt, the anchor didn’t speak to her.

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