Sunil And Trivikram still pay rent for that room

Few people forget their roots after becoming successful, but star director Trivikram Srinivas and top comedian turned hero Sunil are not among those.

Sunil and Trivikram Srinivas
Sunil and Trivikram Srinivas

Both these are famous today but like many other successful people, they faced struggles during the initial days in the industry. The duo waited years to get a chance.During their struggling period, they used to live in a small room near Sai Baba temple in Punjagutta.

Even though both of them managed to purchase luxurious houses in Hyderabad, they still are paying rent for that room. During a recent media interaction to promote his upcoming film ‘Krishnashtami’, Sunil revealed that they spend time together in that room whenever they find free time.

He added that the room reminds them of their struggling days, the moments they enjoyed and shared and how they got opportunities to make it big in the film industry. Often, Trivikram pens his scripts in that room itself as he feels it lucky.

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