Sumanth Ashwin’s Right Right Teaser

Young hero Sumanth Ashwin’s upcoming film “Right Right” looks to be a promising one.

Under the direction of debutant Manu, the young actor has chosen a different subject. The film deals with the story of a bus conductor, and it was surprising to see young Sumanth Ashwin in that role. Pooja Jhaveri is playing the heroine while ‘Baahubali’ Prabhakar is playing a pivotal character in the film.

Right Right Teaser
Right Right Teaser

The pleasing cinematography and peppy background score are advantages for this teaser which was marred by the excessive length. The thriller angle is well placed in the teaser. After scoring a couple of flops, Sumanth Ashwin seems to have finally come on track and has a winner on hand.

Watch Right Right Teaser:

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