Suma Kanakala has 4 Lakh followers

Suma Kanakala

Popular TV anchor, hostess and presenter Suma Kanakala is one of the most sought after small screen personalities in Telugu. Suma had been with the television industry for close to two decades, doing anchoring that touched the hearts of million Telugu housewives. Her shows Star Mahila and Kevvu Keka fetch immense fan following and viewership, thanks to her impeccable presenting skills. Apart from this, she is one of the top presenters of all the film audio functions and events in the industry.

With the contestants of Star Mahila

Suma in Star Mahila

Suma now has a count of four lakh followers on her social media fan page.    Thsi states that one does not need to be a star actor to get such accolades and respect. Suma, for one keeps it grounded and yet wins hearts. Way to go Suma!


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