Sukumar taking training under Ram Gopal Varma!

Sukumar RGV

Sukumar’s latest film “Kumari 21 F” created sensation in the media. This flick’s first poster turned out to be a big hit in the media. It has a girl revealing her assets. Generally, this sort of posters will come from RGV in Tollywood.

Now, Sukumar too tried this sort of posters and hence few people started debating that Sukumar is taking training under RGV for high profile romantic episodes. Even the title is looking quite different and is in the RGV’s range. Interestingly, Sukumar is following Maurthi’s trend too in Tollywood.

Even if the flick is low budget film, he is trying to elevate it with the best romantic and hot episodes. Raj Tarun and Sheena Bajaj are acting in lead roles. We have to wait for some more time to know whether this flick will help Raj Tarun to move ahead in career or will turn him down. Lets hope for the positive side.

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