Sui Dhaaga Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie NameSui Dhaaga
Movie Rating3/5
Movie Cast Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma
DirectorSharat Katariya
Music DirectorAnu Malik, Andrea Guerra
Production CompanyManeesh Sharma, Aditya Chopra
Release DateSeptember 28, 2018

Sui Dhaaga, a seemingly small town film but made on a grand scan by Yash Raj is directed by Sharat Katariya who earlier made Dum lagaake haisha Sharats strength seems to lie in heartland. Sui Dhaaga promotions were done exhorbitantly and does it live to the expectations?

Sui Dhaaga Movie Review
Sui Dhaaga Movie Review

The movie is a story of determinatio, self-worth and success. Mauji (Varun Dhawan) is a tailor but who also does all sorts of job for his boss. He is treated as a monkey and a dog by his boss. He is married to the ghoongat clad Mamta(Anushka Sharma). His family consists of an ailing mother ans annoying father. Also, he has a brother who is a ghar jamai to a well settled family. Mauji treats every situation with bas badhiya ans moves on. In an incident where Mauji is made fun of by asking him to act like a dog, it miffs Mamta aftrr Mauji does the act. She becomes the trigger to make him quit the job and start a business of his own. With unfavourable situations at home and outside, how the seedha saadha couple pulls of a business is the story about.

Sharat definitely has a thing for Innocent looking wife who’s strong enough to be the anchor for husband’s succesa in life. In this film too, Mamta plays a very strong role in uplifting Mauji as wel as his family’s life. The first half of the film is engrossing. Only in the second half you find too many coincidences to make the couple successful. The cinematic liberties taken in the second half tarnish the genuinity built so far. Nevertheless the proceedings keep it going. Some parallels can be drawn to Padman which was organic in terms of the growth. Sui Dhaaga mechanically tries to endorse desi stitching talent but lacks the soul.

Performances wise, Varun Dhawan tries too hard to be the Mauji. However his innate body language and style keeps conflicting with Maujis character. He looks artificial. Anushka Sharma also does some over the top but she sunk into the role for a good extent. The ensemble does a good job.

The production value of Yash Raj were spotless. Music didn’t appeal much. Editing could have been a bit crispier too. The locales and setups were endearing.

The major problem is the film is its conscious attempt in making a film to inspire forcibly. Too many coincidences fall into suspension of disbelief. So why would any one get really inspired truly.

All in all, Sui dhaaga iimpresses n first half and the thread loses its strength in second half.

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