Suhana makes Shah Rukh Happy!

Daughters are the world’s best creation! Need a testimonial on that? Ask Shah Rukh Khan! The lovely father just loves his daughter to the core. Their bond is one of the most adorable ones in tinselville. Beti Khan, Suhana is SRK’s jaan and time and again SRK has proven that.


Shah Rukh is a very doting father, we all know. And proving it again, SRk posted a very cute picture of Suhana and him, and captioned it, “I only have to see the beauty next to me and I feel happy….happiest….& I have her hair. Yay.” Aww! That’s adorable, isn’t it? Well if you thought only SRK’s dimples were to die for, see the dimpled smile of Suhana.

Bearing stark resemblances with Papa Khan, Suhana has her father’s features. And she does make him elated. The part where SRK says he has her hair is heart-melting!
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