Sudigadu Movie Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is quite amazing where we live, where we can enjoy the spoof of a mainstream which in itself isn’t much different from a spoof. And it only makes sense for Allari Naresh’s magnum opus being a remake, unintended homage to the way things work in our industry.


Remade from C.S.Amudhan’s Tamil Padam the film mocks the redundant masala film techniques, especially the super-manish image the Southern Stars are hyped up to.

Born in Seemapuri, Shiva (Naresh) starts fighting the world’s evil forces from the time he’s born, literally, the one day old baby Shiva kills a man and sends one into a coma. The grandma (Kovai Sarla) runs away with the baby to the city so as to help Shiva become the Mass hero he is destined to be.

The disconnected situations leading to an introductory fight, falling in love with a random girl in slow motion, the branded clothes the hero can afford in spite of the awful poverty and the much needed hidden past scenario…the film takes a dig at all the elements of the formula film while it individually mocks not only films but even the TV pop culture.

What’s good?

Though remade, the film did go through a decent number of scripting changes which for once worked. However, the more situational jokes taken from the original hardly hit the funny notes, our noble inability at pulling of the subtle ones.


The man whose films are known for ridiculing the extravaganza of our big budgeters, Naresh is the man for the job.


Our films should be less self-conscious. The directors (to start with) should be a little less complacent with their minor achievements (enough with the voiceovers). That apart, plenty of laughs in this one. Enjoyable.

Reviewed by Rohit
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