Sudigaali Sudheer Speaks About His Real Character

The popular comedian Sudugaali Sudheer is known for his hilarious skits and controversial gossips in social media. As these gossips are troubling his personal life, this young comedian is sharing his wrath to all.

Sudigaali Sudheer - Real Character copy
Sudigaali Sudheer – Real Character copy

Sudheer states that he has no time to have affairs with girls as his career is busy with many shows. This most wanted comedian in Jabardasth says that all the gossips on him are completely fake as he is single in his real life. He openly said that he did have a failure love story in the past and from then, I live far from girls. Due to those gossips and rumors with Rashmi, he said that some brides are scared to marry him. This busy actor declares that he is clean and he has no interest to get married.

He is currently busy with Jabardasth and Dhee shows in ETV along with some roles in movies. He likes to go out with his best friends to Chennai, Banglore, and Goa whenever he has no shootings.

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