Sudheer Babu’s unconditional apology won many hearts

The young hero Sudheer Babu is busy promoting his upcoming release Shamanthakamani. This silent hero has unfortunately made news by scolding a fan.

Sudeer babu Apologized Unconditionally
Sudeer babu Apologized Unconditionally

The other day, the pre-release cum audio release event of most hyped movie Samanthakamani was organized in Hyderabad. While Sudheer was talking, some fans have shouted and interrupted his speech. With anger, Sudheer asked that fan to shut up and stop his nonsense. Later he has issued an unconditional apology for that fan and made the fans of Mahesh Babu happy. Sudheer explained that he was talking about his mother and he got irked when someone interrupted his speech on his mother.

This movie Samanthakamani has bagged enormous buzz due to the promos. This thrilling entertainer is directed by Sriram Aditya. Mani Sharma has scored the music.

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