Sudeep Spills Beans on Baahubali 2

There are huge expectations on ‘Baahubai 2’ and audiences have already formed various theories guessing what will happen in part 2 based on what they witnessed in the first part.

Sudeep Baahubali 2
Sudeep Baahubali 2

Kannada actor Sudeep, who was seen as Aslam Khan in the first part, was seen promising Kattappa to help him if any difficulty comes. Audiences hoped that Sudeep would play a key role in Baahubali 2 and his character, which will come to help Kattappa in a dire situation, will pave a way for a new chapter in the film.

However, when questioned, Sudeep said that he would not be seen in the second part. Rajamouli set up a high expectation for second part by introducing several key characters including Aslam Khan in the first part. Audiences hoped that all these characters would come together to give a gigantic culmination to the second part. But, with this revelation, Sudeep has spoiled the guess theory of audiences.

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