Suchitra Krishnamurthy’s controversial tweet fetched serious warnings

The rise in the usage of social media has given every individual to voice out their opinion. But sometimes their expressions result in unwanted controversial, especially for celebrities.

uchitra Krishnamurthy's controversial tweet
uchitra Krishnamurthy’s controversial tweet

Bollywood singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy has irked some Islamic community members with her insensitive and controversial tweet the other day. She took her Twitter and said that the early morning prayers coming out loud from the speakers of Mosques are irritating her. Immediately she received a huge backlash from some section of netizens. As days passed by, she started receiving hurtful comments from unknown strangers via her Twitter account. She has screenshots and shared them back on twitter. Along with those screenshots, she has written that she felt sorry for India which is filled with perverts and it is not an exaggeration if one calls India as the Rape capital of Earth.

Those screenshots display very disturbing comments on her character. She went to the Police station and registered a case on those unknown strangers.

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