Suchi Leaks next target Samantha and Siddharth

After wiki leaks, Suchi leaks has become famous in South India. Its next targets are Samantha and Siddharth.

Suchitra Leaks Sam and Siddhu Video
Suchitra Leaks Sam and Siddhu Video

We all know the story of the Popular Singer Suchitra’s account being hacked. None knows who are doing this but the hackers have become nightmares to some Tamil actors and actresses. After revealing intimate pictures of Dhanush, Trisha, Rana, Andrea etc, now the Suchi leaks have stated that they will upload Samantha and Siddharth’s romance videos. Earlier in the past, it was rumored that they both were in love but broke up due to unknown reasons. Everyone forget about it as the Samantha was happily engaged to Naga Chaitanya. Now, this leaks may trigger unwanted things in the lives of past lovers.

Some say that these Suchi leaks were proved as a fake account and no need to worry about its uploads as the videos are all fake. One has to wait and see some days about the new update.

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