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Subramanyam For Sale Review: Pop-corn entertainer

Harish Shankar instantly joined the top league when he made Gabbar Singh and when all eyes were on his next release then, Ramayya Vastavayya. That one turned into a disaster and he was instantly looked down with the same speed as he was put on top league. Subramanyam for Sale is an acid test for him to prove himself that he is not a one-time wonder (sorry, a two-time wonder as Mirapakaya was much more entertaining than Gabbar Singh). Well, Harish passed the test, and is definitely not one the one who is destined to fall under these one-time wonder category. Right, Subramanyam for sale works.

Sai Dharam Tej and Regina Cassandra Romantic Still in Subramanyam For Sale
Sai Dharam Tej and Regina Cassandra Romantic Still in Subramanyam For Sale

The story unfolds in Kurnool where Seetha (Regina) absconds from her wedding and flies to U.S. This is to marry her 3-year online boyfriend and also to pursue her Masters and Phd. He turns out to be a jerk. Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej) lives in U.S doing all kinds of jobs to send dollars to home in Hyderabad which consists of an oppressed father, a loud stepmom and a step sister. Subbu and Seetha become friends there. Subbu lends the shoulder to lean on and gradually both fall in love. They come to India to attend their respective sisters’ wedding. Seetha asks Subbu to come along with her as a moral support, as she is going to unveil the bitter truth of boyfriend betrayal to her family. However, as soon as they enter the home, Subbu is assumed to be her husband. What events follow is the remaining story.

The first half invests on the characterization of Subbu, the heartbreak of Seetha and the love blooming between the lead pair. The interval has that mandatory bang which reveals that our hero has got a flashback because of which a group of goons starts following him to nab, when he lands Hyderabad. The first half contains a good flow, though bit slowed down by pathetic songs. The second half comprises of unveiling of those twists and goes in all directions and ends up insipidly.

Subramanyam For Sale Movie Poster
Subramanyam For Sale Movie Poster

Harish Shankar is obsessed with the ‘praasa’ which worked well in some places but gets on the nerves many a times. He also cast some of his regular actors, along with a must-and-should slutty woman with an irritatingly seductive voice (like the Happy Days Appu in Gabbar Singh). He has taken a simple story, but made sure he keeps it light, humorous and engagingly enough to sit through those two hours. He has kept number of references to Pawan Kalyan which is not surprising. He has written some hilarious scenes. Kota’s cameo was the most memorable out of them.

Tej has maintained a confident body language and was convincing enough for the role. He shows great signs of improvement and can be promising too if can work on his facial expressions. Regina was good too. Harish made sure the made-up mole near her navel is as much highlighted as the wig of Naga Babu. In the supporting actors, Rao Ramesh takes the first place. Though a little loud, he had a unique mannerism. Naresh, Jhansi and Brahmanandam were apt too.

A major drawback is definitely the ultra-boring songs and a directionless second half. Otherwise, it’s a pucca pop-corn entertainer.

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