Subba Raju Speaks On Drugs Notice Issue

The leading character artist Subba Raju has arranged a press meet earlier to clarify some ongoing rumors on him. He has revealed many unknown things about him.

Subbaraj about Drugs Notice Issue
Subbaraj about Drugs Notice Issue

We are aware of the ongoing drugs issue in Telugu Film Industry busted by the Police. In that context, the police have sent some summons to all the accused names and Subba Raju was shocked to receive one for him. He immediately called the media and declared he never take drugs. Subba Raj stated that he wouldn’t even take English medicine and the whole industry knew about his strict health habits that he follows in his life. Such actor was deeply hurt for receiving notices from the police department regarding drugs. Subba Raju, however, declared that he hates drugs and he never encourages any anti social elements which destroy human life. He claimed that he is so happy in his life and he doesn’t need any drugs to keep him happy. On the same note, this tall artist thrashed the rumours regarding Puri Jagannath that he is the one who introduced the main supplier Kelvin to the industry.

Subba Raju opined that Police have sent him notices just because Kelvin has his name in his mobile. Finally, he concluded that he is ready for any interrogation if necessary to prove his innocence.

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