Stylish war between Kajal and Samantha!

Kajal and Samantha Stylish War

Kajal and Samantha are considered to be the top actresses in South India. Interesting, stylish war is now being seen between these 2 heroines. As per the details, the stylist who is working for both the heroines in the recent times is the same.

She is none other than Neeraja, sister of Kona Venkat. It seems that Neeraja worked with Samantha as her personal stylist while she was roped to show Kajal in the most beautiful way in the latest “Govindhudu Andhari Vadele”. Now, as Kajal and Samantha, both were busy, Neeraja needs to adjust her timings to help both the beauty queens.

Now this stylish war is in progress as there are few clashes in the dates of the films of Samantha and Kajal. “Whom will Neeraja prefer?” turned out to be the point. We have to wait for some more time to know the answer.

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