Stuntman Arrested for Stealing Car

A Bollywood stuntman, who has worked as a dupe for noted stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, etc. has reportedly been arrested after he was caught stealing a politician’s luxury car.

stuntman arrested
stuntman arrested

Going into details, a stuntman named Shamsher Khan has reportedly stolen a luxurious Audi car of a politician’s wife. It is said to be worth Rs 98 lakhs and the stuntman would be receiving Rs 2 lakh from the dealers for stealing the car and handing over to them.

Although the stuntman succeeded in stealing the car, he couldn’t deliver it to the alleged dealers as he was caught by the Mumbai police just four hours after the occurrence of the crime. Shamsher Khan not only confessed the crime but also revealed the names of the dealers, which led to their arrest as well.

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