Student Of The Year 2 Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Student Of The Year 2
Movie Rating 2/5
Movie Cast Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey, Tara Sutaria
Director Punit Malhotra
Music Director Vishal–Shekhar, Salim–Sulaiman
Production Company Karan Johar
Release Date May 10, 2019

Punit Malhotra, the pet director of Karan Johar who is given opportunities again and again despite the pathetic outcomes has helmed the sequel of Student of the year. SOTY is the worst film of Karan Johar. He tried to create a college competition cup love triangle in the world of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s St Xaviers. Surpisingly it clicked especially because of the soundtrack and a very well marketed nepotism .

Student Of The Year 2 Still
Student Of The Year 2 Still

The movie is set in an unrealistic college in Dehradun. The college has already has the-most-popular stud and his diva sister played by Ananya Pandey. Enter a middle class launda , Rohan who manages to get seat in this posh college. He gets the seat through the sports quota and is happily following his love Mridula ( Tara Sutaria). However, things don’t go expected for Rohan and he enters a challenge in the college. The college where all play and no study happens. That is everything except the classrooms is what we see. Manav Mehra, the college stud with his losing popularity is on loggerheads with Rohan, literally with Kabaddi and dance and romance too. How the story of these four unfolds amidst songs and thigh slaps.

Well the movie premise is not new at all. You have to root for the middle class. You have no other choice. The treatment of the film tries not to be cliched but it is. On top of it, our launda is highly overskilled. Be it the gymnast or dancing or both together. On the other hand the girls (and the boys) too get dressed for the ramp walk aka college corridors, some contribute to some laughter (barely). The movie puts in humongous effort to highlight the six packs of our hero and toned bodies of the heroines. The effort on giving a good story is almost zero. The basis is as old as Jo jeeta. Only the costumes are contemporary to the core. There is hardly any layered emotion. You abosolutely don’t feel for the characters. The love stories are so superficial that you tend to laugh at the pain. Hence the chemistry which is so important for the film, doesn’t work.

Tiger Shroff in Soty 2
Tiger Shroff in Soty 2

Coming to performances, Tiger Shroff offer nothing new. Yes he is an amazing dancer and fighter but we have already seen umpteen times. But what else he has to offer in this film. Barely anything. Coming to baring, lets talk about the glam heroines. Tara Sutria and Ananya Pandey both don’t leave much impact. But again Alia Bhatt was awful in SOTY. We have to see how they are groomed in the future. Samir Soni plays the principal and seems to be
Punit’s favourite. Aditya Seal is OK. The gang of friends try to evoke some fun but succeed only a bit.

The scissors could have put to use to cut short this simplistic film. The cinematography is nothing new but offers some really colorful visuals. The vibrance is both a boon and bane for the film. Boon because of the vividness and bane because of being far away from real colors. The music of the film is a letdown, especially when it’s coming from a SOTY franchise. Even the most pampered Dharma girl Alia Bhatt couldn’t save the track with her hookup song.

All in all, this movie is worse than its predecessor. Wish Dharma stops its pampering of some people and start investing more on content and real talent.

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