‘Stop voting for criminals’ – Aamir Khan

Joining the list of many celebrities who campaigned willfully for the individual right to vote the Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan appealed to the citizens of the country yesterday while attending the NDTV Indian of the Year Awards. Aamir was called to give away the prestigious awards to the deserving winners. The actor implored the people to make their decision wisely and stop voting for the criminals in the name of governance – “I wish and hope that political parties rise above this and stop giving tickets to criminals. Ultimately the change will come when people stop voting for criminals” he said. Aamir is known for his open attack on the social issues affecting the society.


The star also happened to pick up the subject in the second season of his show Satyameva Jayate. The burning issue of political parties giving tickets to the candidates with shady background with no checking was actively debated upon. Aamir also wonders why people vote for such criminals despite knowing the real truth behind their personalities. His angst is also primarily with the parties being so irresponsible while choosing the members.

“What i dont understand is that why political parties give a ticket to criminals. I am sad, like every Indian” he expressed.

Aamir Khan was joined by social activist Aruna Roy and S Y Quraishi, the former chief election commissioner on the stage for the public service session.

He also gave away the NDTV Indian of the Year Awards to two organizations on the podium – Association for Democratic Reforms and PRS Legislative Research.

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