I am still alive and safe: Indeep Bakshi

Sometimes some rumors are originated from no point of truth. A recent rumor regarding a star singer in Hindi has spread like fire leaving his fans in vain.

Indeep Bakshi
Indeep Bakshi

Famous Bollywood singer Indeep Bakshi was rumored to be dead in a horrible road accident recently. According to online media, he has declared as dead because someone hit his car very bad. The singer has clarified that he is as fit as a fiddle and condemned rumors. He conveyed his healthy situation to all his fans and well-wishers as he asked them not to believe in such rumors. He requested some media sites not to write such rumors as his family was deeply hurt by this false news.

He is a happening singer who is famous for his songs like ‘Saturday,,, Saturday’, ‘Kaala Chasma’ and much more. His background scores are so unique which made him a star composer among few composers of this generation.

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