Stars tweet on Delhi Rape Verdict

xstar-tweets-on-delhi-rapevictim600Tollywood stars had many things to say about the sensational death verdict passed on criminals by Law on the Delhi Gangrape case last year. The brutal rape and murder of a 23 year old girl left the entire Nation shocked and speechless, sending down the hate waves and protests over the incident. Celebs from Tollywood, along with the rest of us, have rejoiced over the justice that finally prevailed and took to tweeting –


deva katta @devakatta

A chance to reform for the rapists & murderers? First of all there aren’t enough chances for the honest and harmless…..get them in line !!

kajal agarwal @KajalAgarwal

its better hang them in public like in muslim countries

kajal agarwal @KajalAgarwal

morning news papers gave great news…. Death penalty for cruel #NIRbhaya “defenceless victim”. murdered brutally

Ram Gopal Varma  @RGVzoomin

It might be a gud idea 2 hang the rapists in public and telecast it..since words seem to be having no effect on future rapists visuals might

Nikhil Siddhartha @actor_Nikhil

The Delhi BraveHeart gets Justice at last… Death for the 4 Rapists who tortured her to Death… Hope this deters future Assault on women..

Ram Gopal Varma  @RGVzoomin
The juvenile delhi gang rapist the most brutal nw has own private room a nice bed nd tv the best comfort of his life proving tht crime pays

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