Stars respond to Dr Biju ’s accusations!

Dr Biju had come out with a stream of ‘accusations’ in the recent days, about how many of the stars in Malayalam cinema had rejected his nationally acclaimed movie Perariyathavar initially and had, in some cases, allegedly been quite rude in their conduct to him. Now, the stars have responded to the film maker’s statements to the media through the media itself!


Here are the accusations and responses in sequence:

Dr Biju: Dileep had shown interest in the project initially but then didn’t give me any confirmation. After delaying the project for almost a year he backed out.

Dileep: I had been interested in the script but couldn’t give him any dates out of my schedule just then due to other commitments. Later I read in the papers that he was moving forward with the film with Jayasurya in the lead. I didn’t call him after that point. I am not interested in doing a movie that doesn’t necessarily require me. I only believe in doing unique roles that mandate my skills and talent.

Well, that’s that then!

But wait Dr Biju wasn’t done – here’s his accusation against actor Biju Menon…

Dr Biju: I had presented the story to Biju Menon who agreed to meet with me. But after waiting for hours to see him and not being able, I had to leave.

Biju Menon: I wasn’t really interested in the script. But I did agree to meet with him ‘after’ I was done with my engagements for the day. I was shooting for a film then and the shoot got over at 10 pm. And I made it a point to call him then too.

Seems reasonable enough… After all, actors are busy people.

Dr Biju had also accused Kavya Madhavan of rejecting a role he had offered her in his previous film Saira, solely because she did not like his ‘looks’ as a director. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Kavya, who’s keeping a low profile these days, will step forward to give her side of things as well.

Well, in any case, Dr Biju sure isn’t making any friends with these ‘revelations’ he seems so keen to make…

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