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After the mould of "Tagore", "Stalin" is yet another attempt to drive in the social message. While the former involved force and violence, the latter takes slightly a smooth path.


Military officer Stalin (Chiranjeevi) takes voluntarily retirement and stays with his aging mother (Oorvasi Sarada). He does social service in a simple but useful way. He makes an index – If you happen to get help from anybody, it is your bounden duty to help three persons. The message becomes prevailing soon and is followed by hundreds and hundreds of people. Home Minister (Prakash Raj) is jealous of the rising popularity of the hero and is afraid of his coming into politics. The vile politician wants to put a checkmate to Stalin. He is dragged into the murder plot against the Chief Minister. However, a huge following of social service-oriented people are behind him. The climax forms as to how Stalin defeats his rivals.


Megastar Chiranjeevi did the role of Army officer with perfect punch. As a social worker he is apt. However, in the songs and dance department, Chiru lets down his fans and general audience. Seen from the story angle, this aspect is negligible. 
Trisha as Chitra is strictly limited to glamour. But, Trisha has come out with good amount of expose, which is unexpected to the crowds. Anushka’s item number with Chiru is good. Kushboo did the role of the hero’s sister with good ease. Sarada as Chiru’s mother did justice to the script. 
Prakash Raj’s villainy lets down the audiences as it has neither force nor novelty – just striking with routine style. Sunil has significant role in the peak. All other characters performed well in their limitations.

Technical Values

The story of "Stalin" is plain which directly deals with a message – social service. Repeated announcements from megastar himself that the story was the brainchild of Murugadoss after watching the big crowd at Indira’s 175 days function – shows that it is completely a tailor-made for Chiru. Murugadoss as director wants to justify the crowd pulling power of megastar in action and message. The result is that for a simple message like – if you get help from somebody, you have to help three others – lot of expectation is generated, which has only fizzled out. Screenplay turns pale often and looks deliberate to deify the hero, thus robbing the natural flavor. Direction too disappoints to a large extent.   Music by Mani Sharma clearly misses the gift to the audiences. However, a couple of songs – the Introduction song and Anushka’s item number – sizzle. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are regular.Comedy is not enough. Stunts by Kanal Kannal are all right. Cinematography is good.

The movie is opened to a deficient talk. The audiences have started comparing Stalin with Tagore and here comes the minus point. 


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