SS Rajmouli and vaada Team Meets CM

This is the content of the letter added to this we met cm along with director Raj mouli sir ( who also taken part in Vaada’s trafic regulation on new year night )

we informed the cm about the requirement of the insurence policies to traffic home guards as they are the one who are always on roads by keeping their life in threat

so we requested respected cm to start with two policies through his hands the later policies will be reaching the respective home guards very soon .

Members who met cm are

S.S Raj mouli (director)

P.Suresh Raju (Founder)

D. Satish (member )

I. Samba Murthy (member )

P.Nitish (member)

Reason behind giving the policies by Vaada foundation

We have earlier given a cheq to the widow of a traffic home guard , he lost his life in an accident and was given only 1000 rs for funeral and the wife was left with out any financial help , so from our foundation we gave a cheq of rs 50,000 through the hands of H’ome Minister.
W’hen we got to know that home guards will get onl’y 10,000 from govt we thought insuring all the 1700 home guards of Hyderabad Traffic police the policy claim will be up to one lakh .

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