SS Rajamouli and his son Karthikeya’s Review on Manamantha

Ace Tollywood director Rajamouli SS, who has the good nature of promoting good films on social media, has written a mini review for Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s latest film ‘Manamantha’, which hit screens on August 5.

SS Rajamouli Review on Manamantha
SS Rajamouli Review on Manamantha

Rajamouli said that Manamantha is like a textbook of filmmaking and is a guide for people who plans to make a career in filmdom. He praised the way the story took off, progressed and ended. Rajamouli added that Yeleti succeeded in bringing out top notch performances right from the child actors to seasonal Mohanlal, who played a key role in the film.

Rajamouli congratulated Yeleti, producer Sai and the entire team of Manamantha. He added that all the technicians who worked for Manamantha could proudly say that they have worked for such a memorable film, which will remain in the hearts of audiences long after watching it.

SS Rajamouli Tweets on Manamantha:

#Manamantha will remain a top class film in the career of chandu and vaaraahi chalana chithram. Chandu has a knack of extracting fantastic Performances from his actors. From a seosoned actor like mohanlal garu to a 4 year old kid every one will make you smile laugh and cry and Will remain in our hearts and thoughts for a very long time.The way the film began the way it was weaved and the way it ended is a text book.

For every film student.Congratulations2 the entire unit. Everyone who worked in the film can proudly say he/she is a member of #Manamantha

Karthikeya’s Review on Manamantha:

#Manamantha Is a classic! Will be remembered in the history of Telugu cinema! Proud of you Chandu Babai and Sai Garu.

One of the Best writings, screenplay, casting and performances come together to take us on a fun nail biting heart wrenching emotional ride. Top notch performances by each and every character. Special mention to the 2 kids – was addicted to them throughout. A classic experienced!

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