SRK’S house digs into controversy

Massive ongoing work in the backyard of Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow at Bandra Bandstand, is testing the basic tenet that residents adjacent to Mannat have been preaching all their lives: Love Thy Neighbour. SRK’s home shares a common back wall with Retreat House, a congregation home for senior Jesuit priests to meditate, introspect and hold programmes for clergy and laity alike. The site for Retreat House, set up in 1930, was chosen specifically because it offered peace and tranquility.


Recently, trouble began when SRK who has already constructed a multi-storey building on his vacant land behind Mannat, started digging to build a huge underground car park. The ceaseless grinding noise that has resulted from this has shattered the peace of the neighbourhood, but affected Retreat House, which lies right behind Mannat, the most. According to sources, four senior priests who had come to stay and meditate at the Retreat House in the Holy Week preceding Easter, walked out, unable to bear the constant intrusion. Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan sent a note to the priests apologising in advance for the noise, said the source.


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