SRK plans to quit smoking after RA.One

Shah Rukh Khan’s earlier attempts at giving up smoking may have failed but the actor now intends to do away with cigarettes after the release of his ambitious film RA.One.

"I want to give up smoking and will soon do it. Even my daughter keeps on asking me when I will quit it. I will give up the habit after RA.One releases," SRK told reporters at a promotional event of his film.

RA.One claims to show ten evils in the world and smoking is also an evil, which affects the health of an individual.

"There is one scene in RA.One, which speaks about the ill-effects of cigarettes, which is in the form of conversation between father and son," the actor said.

Even, on World ‘No Tobacco Day’, Shah Rukh had said he would try to give up this dangerous habit.(PTI)

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