SRK is the King Of Vulgarity?

King Of Vulgarity, that’s what a Bangladeshi newspaper has called Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan performed to a 30000-strong crowd at Dhaka’s Army Stadium on December 10 and the tickets sold out within minutes. However, a leading local newspaper, Weekly Blitz panned the show, which also featured Arjun Rampal, Rani Mukerji, Eesha Koppikhar and Dia Mirza along with SRK.

Calling him ‘The King of vulgarity’, the article goes on to point out the various problems with the concert. The piece points out the various flaws in the concert that supposedly hurt the sentiments of the Bangladeshi people.

He smoked : "Shah Rukh Khan violated Bangladeshi law by smoking in public in the presence of TV cameras . Shahrukh Khan did this, rather intentionally to show to Bangladeshi authorities that he gives a damn to them."

Is He A VVIP?: "Khan was allowed to use the VVIP terminal at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. After checking facts, it is proved that, he does not enjoy any such privilege in any of the countries in the world, including his own country – India. Why did the Bangladeshi government allow him to use the VVIP terminal, when there were a number of VIP terminals at the airport?"

Bangla Slang Shot: "Shah Rukh Khan has shown his highest audacity (sic) to Bangladesh by uttering Bangla slang repeatedly while on the dais, which very clearly showed that this man has not respect for the host country, which brought him with huge amount of money. During the month of liberation, Shahrukh Khan was trying to impose Hindi or English language on proud Bangladeshis."

Indecent Teammates: "Indecent things reportedly happened at Dhaka’s hotels, where the team members of Shah Rukh Khan (Russian dancers were members of his troupe) were housed [those females, especially Russian], who were reportedly engaged in illicit activities with the locals."(Midday)

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