SRK is Cheated of Rs 8 Cr

It came as a shock to fans when Shah Rukh Khan himself revealed that a film producer had cheated him of Rs 8 Cr.

In one of his recent interviews, SRK revealed, ‘A few years ago, a film producer narrated a story to me which I liked very much. The film requires high-end graphics, and it was a bit risky, but I got involved in the production as I liked the story very much. I even offered Rs 8 Cr advance to the producer asking him to commence the pre-production.

SRK Cheated By A Producer
SRK Cheated By A Producer

He promised me that he would start VFX work first, but when I went to the office to have a look at the progress, I found no one there. Upon enquiry, I found out that the producer incurred a loss in business, so he shut down the project. When I asked back the advance amount, he sought some time but he disappeared later, and I am unaware of his whereabouts’.

SRK’s financial planning is very acute, but everyone is surprised that he, one of the richest film stars in the world, got cheated by a producer.

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