SRK invites people to coach his IPL team

Ahead of IPL season 3, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan Saturday invited the people to coach his Kolkata Knight Riders team and send in their suggestions for improving its performance.

"When we used to lose, I used to get inundated with messages, mostly suggestions. I feel sad when we lose, but you have to take all those losses with little bit of ease and a little sense of humour and all those messages and emails, I used to keep them," he said at the launch of the "Main Bhi Coach" programme in association with Nokia India here.

"Keeping in mind peoples’ habit of giving suggestions, I decided with the team of Nokia that this time we will launch something which would be called ‘Main Bhi Coach’ which would officially give everyone a chance to coach KKR and suggest what should we do for our team," he said.

Shah Rukh said people could messages to 9664555555, and all these would be discussed with the team and the coach to see if the ideas could help in improving the team.

Shah Rukh said he is quite positive about his team this season.

"It happens in sports…one team wins and the other loses. I doesn’t mean that the team losing is lazy or it doesn’t want to win or it is a bad team. When one team competes, it competes to win. I won’t say that we didn’t work hard. Maybe our decision of multiple captains was not right, we can find excuses but the bottom line is that we worked hard, we played very hard but not hard enough."

"We need to play harder, we need to play tougher and we need to win this," Shah Rukh said.

On the controversy over the deal with Lux Cozi, he said he had kept in on hold because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone with his decision.

"We wanted to have lot of local partners. If you have local partners it’s nicer. Legally, as a company and in every way I thought it was above board…. it made some people unhappy and what happened over the last six months, I truly believe that lot of people love and support me and I don’t want to hurt anybody and even our partners so we have kept it on hold because that’s what some members in Kolkata wanted," he said.(IANS)


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