SRK gets a Ducati bike!

Shah Rukh’s most ambitious film Ra. One is still under production and there was a minor delay recently. No, this time the delay was not the result of a starry tantrum thrown by one of his co-stars. It was caused due to a bike. And it was no ordinary bike. It was a Ducati that was the cause of the glitch.

SRK and the unit of Ra. One had a major schedule shot in London. Most of the portions with SRK dressed as a super hero were shot there and a Ducati was used in these sequences. After the unit returned to Mumbai, SRK realised that they needed to shoot some more sequences on the bike. But they could not find a similar bike and SRK was left with no option but to have the bike brought from London.

Lekin, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. The story doesn’t end here, SRK booked a bike for himself from London which took its own sweet time to arrive. Until then SRK had no option but to wait. However, now that the bike has reached Mumbai, SRK is busy shooting with it.

Whatever the fate of the movie, SRK will at least have one expensive memento to remember it by.



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