SRK finally spoke about Baahubali

Even though they are responding late, one after the other the stars of Bollywood are expressing their views on the gigantic visual drama Baahubali-2. Now it’s time for the King Khan Shahrukh Khan.

SRK- Baahubali
SRK- Baahubali

This Bollywood Baadshah recently flattered the TEDx community with his short and sweet speech. He recently came back to India and accessible to the media. When he approached about his views on Baahubali-2, the Star hero responded in a positive way. SRK claimed that he didn’t watch the part two yet, but he did watch the part one which he feels is truly inspiring. However, he praised Baahubali-2 as one of the best films of Indian Cinema. He lauded the maker Rajamouli for his astonishing vision and guts to make a movie like Baahubali. He compared the success of Baahubali as No guts, No glory in a way if a maker has guts to make a movie like Baahubali, he will attain glory for sure.

This intelligent star hero concluded that more films like Baahubali should come as he feels there are many makers in India who is on par to Rajamouli.

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