Srinu Vaitla decided to speak through Ram Charan’s film

Srinu Vaitla and Ram Charan

From the past few days, several issues are being raised on Srinu Vaitla. Few says that he is arrogant and few mentioned that he is the main reason behind the failure of the recent films. Srinu Vaitla counter attacked for some time and later on, he left the arena with complete silence.

In this scenario, people started believing that he is currently concentrating more on Ram Charan’s upcoming film and he is set to reply back to the people through that venture. It seems that Srinu Vaitla is preparing a very tough venture for Ram Charan, including all the commercial elements.

As Ram Charan has few recent hits, we can expect these hits to add further to Srinu Vaitla’s craze. If this works out, we can expect Srinu Vaitla to raise up in the film space once again.

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