Srimanthudu’s Goosebumps Moment Revealed

Srimanthudu Goosebumps Moment
Srimanthudu Goosebumps Moment

Super star Mahesh Babu’s latest film ‘Srimanathudu’ is all set for worldwide release on August 7th. As part of promotions, Mahesh had Twitter chat with his fans on the other day and revealed the highlight of the film. Mahesh said that he loved the pre –climax scene.

Even Koratala Siva had said that Mahesh Babu has given brilliant emotional performance during that sequence and it is sure to give goosebumps to every movie lover. Koratala has chosen a message oriented story but narrated it commercially. Mahesh has said already that since he liked the film so much, he is promoting it vigorously.

We have already seen Koratala Siva giving Goosebumps moments with thrilling pre-climax and climax scenes in his previous film ‘Mirchi’. With a performing actor like Mahesh Babu in hand, he could have created a wonder for sure.

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