Srimanthudu movie based on Mahesh’s real life?

Mahesh Babu Srimanthudu Story
Mahesh Babu Srimanthudu Story

Mahesh Babu’s trailer released recently for the movie Srimanthudu has him looking young, stylish and fresher than ever. Even though it might seem that Srimanthudu hasn’t caught as much attention as Bahubali’s trailer, a few lines said by Mahesh in the trailer are sure causing quite the curiosity among the Tollywood industry.

Mahesh in the trailer says, “I will adopt your whole village including you all.” This statement reminded everyone of what Mahesh stated a few months back about adopting a village called Burripalem of Guntur district to serve and address the civic issues. These two statements collide into one idea that suggests that this movie is indeed about Mahesh’s life. This is all very interesting and only watching the movie could reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Srimanthudu has received the response it deserves.

What do you think? Will Mahesh finally find what he is missing?

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