Srija to enter politics

People still remember how PRP president and Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija displayed her talkative skills while presenting her case before the national and domestic television channels. The incident proves her ability to pull crowds with her courage and talk – which are supposed to be prime attributes for any political leader to be successful. It the latest buzz going on in the PRP circles is to be believed, Srija will soon make a grand entry in politics.


Srija has been an outcast in Chiranjeevi family all these days for the damage she has caused to her father’s reputation by marrying her boyfriend Sirish Bharadwaj. The sudden appearance of Srija at the audio release function of her Brother RamCharan Tej’s upcoming film “Orange” reflects that Chiru has pardoned her. Moreover, Chiru and Allu Aravind believe that she has all the abilities to become a good leader, and are planning to utilize her services in strengthening Mahila Rajyam, the women’s wing of PRP. Allu Arvind has been made the general secretary for the party as Chiru would be busy in acting for his upcoming film the next year.

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