Sridevi’s $50,000 painting!

It seems like Sridevi. the artist, is going to have just as successful a career as Sridevi, the actress. The star’s painting called ‘Thoughts’ is soon going to be sold by one of the world’s biggest auction houses, Christie’s. And the price her painting is expected to fetch? A rather cool $50,000 (about Rs 22 lakhs)!

All we can say is WOW! We’ve seen a few of Sri’s paintings when she got them along on her ‘Dus Ka Dum’ appearance with Salman Khan, who paints himself. It was interesting, sensitive work, and we won’t be surprised if her talent combined with the celeb status gets an even higher price than expected for ‘Thoughts’. And what’s Sridevi going to do with the money? No, it’s not going into her shopping fund. Apparently, she’s going to give the money to charity!


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