Sri Sri Movie Review – Not a great comeback for Superstar

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

One of the most daring and dashing hero of our Telugu Film Industry is Superstar Krishna. He has been doing movies since 1965, completing 50 years. He is known for introducing many new or the first to our industry. He is known as producers hero and never ever create problem to them. On completing fifty years, he is now coming as Sri Sri with Vijaya Nirmala directed by Muppalaneni Siva produced under B Creations with a tag of Revenge Never Gets Old. Let’s see how this superstar’s comeback film works on us!!


Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala in Sri Sri Telugu Movie Stills
Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala in Sri Sri Telugu Movie Stills

Sreepada Srinivasa Rao, Sri Sri (Superstar Krishna) is a retired professor in law, who lives happily with his wife and his children a daughter named Swetha (Angana Roy) and Vishnu and his wife. Swetha is a journalist working in Spy Tv, who follows her father’s way of justice and seeking truth which helps the people. She fights over a drug company named JK Drugs set in a tribal area named Pothurajugudem by which it pollutes water streams and leads to death of people. With the help of Suranna (Sai Kumar), she raises against J K Bharadwaj (Murli Sharma) and Dr. Bikshapathi (Posani Krishna Murali). She collects all the proofs and footages to prove their wrong deeds. She is killed by Rahul, Akash and Vicky, sons of Jk and Bikshapathi infront of Sri Sri eyes. He files a case and seeks justice but fails with the money power of opponent. He then goes to take revenge on them by himself. How he seek revenge form the rest of story.

Cast and Performance

Superstar Krishna is back to movies after some years with this Sri Sri. He is good as Sri Sri and has given nice performance. He looks too good on screen. Vijay Nirmala is also good but she has given some expressions like in old movies which are over for the present trend of subtle expressions. Murli Sharma as J K Bharadwaj is good as protagonist. Posani Krishna Murali as fake doctor Bikshapathi is nice. He rocks in his own way on screen. Sai Kumar as Surya Rao alias Suranna, a revolutionary is superb and delivers good performance. Naresh as Ajay, a police officer who investigates murder cases of Rahul and his friends is fine.

Writing Department

Mahesh Babu and Krishna at Sri Sri Audio EventMahesh Babu and Krishna at Sri Sri Audio Event
Mahesh Babu and Krishna at Sri Sri Audio Event

Story of Sri Sri is so simple and routine. Dialogues are okay. Screenplay is mediocre and doesn’t have the potential to engage audience till the end.

Technical Departments

Music by E S Murthy is bad. Songs are a big drawback and does not help the flow of the movie at all. His background music is so loud and good in some scenes. Cinematography by Satheesh Muthyala is good and can be said as a positive work among all average works. Editing by Ram is okay. He cannot help as the screenplay is not so racy. Production values are good.



  • Superstar Krishna Screen presence
  • Few of his trademark dialogues for fans
  • Cinematography by Sateesh Muthyala


  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Routine and predictable story


With the voice over of the Superstar Mahesh Babu, this Sri Sri begins. A song which does not fit in the playlist of our generation begins with the introduction of Superstar Krishna, which makes us know the story of movie through its visuals. Vijay Nirmala’s expressions in this song seem to be gone beyond the level of belief. First fifteen minutes takes to introduce the premise and characters of movie. Slowly after some emotional scenes in the eyes of makers and tiring scenes for audience, Superstar decides to take on revenge being compelled by Vijay Nirmala. This movie has nothing to remember after the movie and its screenplay which literally test the patience of audience. Director Muppalaneni Siva has failed to use the stamina and opportunity of his comeback with the lame script and making. To sumup, Sri Sri is neithet entertaining nor thrilling comeback for Superstar Krishna.

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